Latte and Cappuccino

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Latte and Cappuccino (2023) Acrylic on Canvas 2 Panels, Each sized 100cm Width x 100cm Height x 4cm Depth “Latte and Cappuccino” features a captivating artwork divided into two textured panels, each representing coffee’s essence. The first panel gracefully transitions from white through various tones, culminating in a rich dark brown center, symbolising the comforting latte’s frothy layers. Contrasting beautifully, the second panel starts with a dark brown exterior, fading into a creamy white center, capturing the artful dance of a cappuccino’s froth and espresso. Hannah’s signature square style breathes life into the textures, inviting viewers to savor the interplay of contrasts and find beauty in life’s subtle variations. An ode to life’s simple pleasures.

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