• Alchemy


      Size: 100cm Width x 100cm Height

      Medium: Acrylic on Glass


      This piece is hung to ‘float’ off the wall.  The painting comes with a unique wall bracket specifically made for this art piece to help it float 4-5 inches off the wall.





      an ancient practice blending philosophy and early science, aimed to turn common metals into precious ones.

      Although many dismissed alchemy as mere fantasy, their persistence often led to unexpected breakthroughs, proving that what may seem like delusion initially an yield incredible results.


      “Delusion is only delusion until it works.  Then it’s genius”

    • Mini Glück


      Size: 50cm Width x 50cm Height X 2cm Depth
      Medium : Acrylic on Canvas

      This painting is framed in a white box frame.

      Launched at The Saatchi Gallery, her latest collection ‘After the Rain’ explores people, from all walks of life coming together and enjoying life again after the recent pandemic. This also translates to any hardship we face as humans as nothing bad lasts forever.
      Hannah believes happiness and social interaction come hand in hand (provided you are surrounded by the right people). Each square represents a person and the range of colours represent the different personalities we all have.

    • Outside The Box


      Size: 61cm Width x 61cm Height X 4cm Depth
      Medium : Acrylic on Canvas

      A Painting of Light Using Black Paint

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