Black Beauty

I began this collection in 2019 to raise awareness of the institutionalised racism within our society; to in some way amplify the voices of those that remain unheard. Following the world’s incredible response to the recent BLM movement, I am desperate to ensure we sustain a continuous effort to really make a change to this ludicrous and deep-rooted issue.

Throughout the last 10 years in London I have seen more racial injustices than I can count on my fingers. Furthermore, the stories friends have told me about the torment in their work places whether it be on the football pitch or in a 9-5, I felt like I had to raise awareness in a different way than just speaking up as that was not working. This is where the Black Beauty collection came into fruition.

Every piece I have created in this collection is dedicated to a person who at a difficult time helped me get through it or just simply brought so much light to my life through their kindness, generosity and incredible energy. I wanted to capture the beauty and strength of these individuals through my art.


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