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The Focus Series

Hannah’s collection ‘The Focus Series’ explores the creation of doorways/portals to different areas in the world.

Hannah experiences synaesthesia, whilst listening to classical music particularly string instruments, she sees ‘X’s.  In this collection Hannah wanted to add an extra layer to her works by creating an optical illusion for everyone who views her works where they too can experience the X’s.


Hannah is a British artist who has dedicated her work to exploring new techniques to add depth to her paintings both physically and metaphorically, inviting viewers to deeply engage with her works. 

Hannah experiences synesthesia, she is hyper sensitive to light and high frequency music,  the inspiration behind her works is how she experiences both light and sound.  Through her exhibitions you will see her engaging with viewers so they too can see what she sees.

All the pieces Hannah creates has a story behind whilst she explores topics that she is passionate about.

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